Intellectual Capital :

It is the human faculty, which has empowered with numerous inventions, research, discoveries and explorations around us. They possess the foundation and ability to dig into the depths of uncertainty to unearth the certain, from the creation of the Seven Wonders of the World to reaching the moon or mapping the DNA structure of a human body. This ingenuity of men has taken them to unachievable heights and unfamiliar frontiers. 
Similarly, an organization functions with the dedicated efforts of its employees who not only create the blueprint for organizational growth, but also map the organizations success.
Our employees are the most valued assets for MELROSE HEALTHCARE. Hence, plentiful care is taken to recruit people who not only possess the will to win but also to go the extra mile to achieve it. Offering to them truly challenging activities and strongly motivating and professionally enthusing projects channelizes this desire in them. Those who excel in their respective fields by sheer determination and hard work are rewarded by way of felicitating them with the MELROSE GOLDEN APPLE award every year. 
At MELROSE HEALTHCARE efforts are also made to improve the employees skills further by way of organizing training programs, workshops etc. Apart from this, employees are encouraged to participate in various activities like seminars, conferences and discussions within and outside the organization. This not only helps them individually but also provides a handy knowledge base for the Company to be aware of the latest developments in the areas of diagnostic care and healthcare industry, concern for them.
The most important step in this regard has been enabling the employees in being up-to-date on day-to-day basis in their fields of specializations by sponsoring them for external practical and theoretical training. Round the year the employees are nominated for training and development programs to the premiere training institutes. MELROSE HEALTHCARE also sponsors its senior executives for overseas training to gain an international perspective in research and development and other areas of work as well. MELROSE HEALTHCARE aims at encouraging the field staff with personality development, knowledge enhancement training at the best institutes in the country such as EDI (Entrepreneurial Development Institute). Some of the other initiatives include sponsoring basic computer training and technical knowledge improvement workshops for the field staff of all the divisions. The scientists at the research Centre have also been provided ample training opportunities through workshops not only for improving their professional wisdom but personality development as well. The senior executives also participate in the workshop annually, known to all as the ‘Refreshment Training’, where strategies, policies and agendas are explored upon informally.


Campus Recruitment

The company follows best practices in HR, possessing an open performance evaluation system, development of the aptitudes and intellect through valuable inputs and knowledge, recruitment from the premier institutes, which includes IIMs, IIT and other business and science schools.
As we realize that a synergy of experience of the employees with enthusiasm, energetic, motivation, positive attitude and the ideas, us and creativity of the new management graduates would spur the company to better performance.
Some of the premiere business schools visited includes:

Management Trainees


Business Opportunities

We are constantly and proactively seeking human health care opportunities for diagnostic field as product candidates for development, where there are unmet medical needs and where new or better products, solution is needed. Early research collaborations potentially leading to a better diagnostic care as well as platform research technologies and research tools are also part of our collaboration strategy.

Our major research areas including the following :

We look for strategic alliances that facilitate the Research, development and commercialization of new products complementing our areas of focus that mutually benefit MELROSE HEALTHCARE and our collaborators.